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An Underutilized Cultivation and Marketing Tool

Posted by Ann McPherson on March 16, 2017

Do you need a reason to reach out to your legacy society members? Would you like to move the cultivation process forward with your top planned giving prospects? Here’s a fairly simple way to accomplish both – focus groups. While it helps to have some knowledge or experience in running a focus group, it is not a requirement and should not prevent you from conducting one. It’s a smart way to get thoughts on your planned giving marketing, whether about a new direction or the effectiveness of your current marketing program.

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Preparing and Sending 1099R Tax Forms for Donors

Posted by Gary Pforzheimer on March 9, 2017

When it comes to administering planned gifts, many charities seek outside help.  Why?  Because a well administered planned giving program means happy donors.  The Gift Administration team here at PG Calc provides our customers with the highest quality service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their donors' needs will be met.  Most recently, the PG Calc Gift Administration team prepared 12,000 1099-R tax forms for donors across the country on behalf of our clients. Here’s Mike Morico, the bulk mail technician at the Post Office here in Cambridge, with some of last year’s batch. Mike has been helping us get our 1099-Rs mailed out for years, and he also helps us with the IRS discount rate postcards that we mail to our Planned Giving Manager software clients every month. A reliable partner! Yes, it’s too late to have us prepare your 1099-Rs this year, but call us if you want us to make Mike’s cart even heavier next year and get peace of mind they will be in good hands!

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Should You Be Concerned About USPS "Marketing Mail?"

Posted by Ann McPherson on February 17, 2017

Recently the United States Post Office made a decision to change the classification that was referred to as “standard mail” to "marketing mail." This is a topic of some concern among nonprofits because anything that was referred to as direct-mail that was marked with the word "standard" will now read "marketing." The current thinking is that more recipients will throw out the mail because of the change in labeling. 

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Titles Speak Louder Than Copy

Posted by Ann McPherson on January 18, 2017

Every week presents another opportunity to hone my marketing skills doing something I find extremely difficult - writing. Whether for gift officers or donors, there is always an article or marketing communication beckoning to be created or revised. It's not easy for many reasons: finding the inspiration, determining the message and tone, reinventing new ways to say the same thing, but that is to be expected. Isn't that a marketer’s job?

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Rising IRS Discount Rate Creates Gift Planning Opportunities

Posted by Bill Laskin on January 6, 2017

After six years of drifting around in record-low territory, the Applicable Federal Rate, otherwise known as the IRS discount rate, has leaped upward 0.6% this month to 2.4%. That’s the highest the rate has been since mid-2014.  The leap was a direct consequence of the Federal Reserve raising its target for the Fed Funds rate in mid-December. What’s more, the Fed has indicated it expects to raise the Fed Funds rate in increments three more times during 2017. That would portend further increases in the IRS discount rate over the next 12 months.

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