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Who Wants to Talk about Death?

Posted by Ann McPherson

November 24, 2014

Making Death Humorous

I came across this picture in a video about how technology is changing our lives. This particular snapshot illustrated the unhealthy relationship we can have with technology. That said, I couldn’t help thinking that this message relates to our industry in a different manner. 

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The Power of Suggestion

Posted by Bill Laskin

October 31, 2014

PG Calc was thrilled to have Russell James, Professor of Personal Finance at Texas Tech University, as a recent guest presenter in our monthly Webinar series. During his August 28 session, Prof. James discussed fascinating results from his survey of over 5,000 subjects. The survey tested reactions to different descriptions of specific gift plans. His conclusion: The words we use to describe planned gifts and their benefits matter. In particular, “family” words, such as “make a gift,” triggered a more positive response from participants than formal words, such as “make a transfer of assets.” Prof. James buttressed his survey findings with theoretical research performed by him and others, showing that there is neurological, biochemical, and demographic evidence that corroborate his survey results.

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Are Your Email Campaigns Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Posted by Larry Kerstein

October 24, 2014

While many online marketers will insist that open rate is the most important factor in successful email campaigns, we contend that this is not necessarily the case, and that there is not a direct correlation between open rates and conversions. It’s complicated.

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5 Takeaways from the Ice Bucket Challenge for the Planned Giving World

Posted by Melissa Roberts

October 4, 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve recently participated in the ice bucket challenge. Raise your hand if you know someone who did. 

Whatever you think about dumping freezing cold water on your head as a fundraising tactic, you have to admit, it was tremendously effective. Since introducing the challenge, the ALS Association has raised over $111 million!

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How To Move Your Planned Giving Program Forward in the Next 10 Minutes

Posted by Ann McPherson

September 17, 2014



Pick up the phone and call your top planned giving prospect.


Don’t know what you’ll say? Then review their history to determine what your strategy should be.


Don’t know who your top prospect is? Then go through your list to identify the top ten planned giving prospects.

Don’t have a list? Then screen your donor database based on FLAG – frequency, longevity, age, and gender to create a list of 100 prospects.


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PG Calc Hosts Delegation From South Korea to Discuss Planned Giving

Posted by Gary Pforzheimer

September 3, 2014

Team "Think Rich Look Poor" Logo

This past week, PG Calc’s Cambridge office received a visit from team "Think Rich Look Poor" (logo shown left). The group, comprised of four intelligent and articulate students from the prestigious Yonsei University in Seoul, was funded by the LG Global Challenger program, which tasks undergraduates with an international research project on a topic of their choosing and rewards the winners with a scholarship.

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Where's Your "Why?" - Simple Rule for Planned Giving Marketing

Posted by Ann McPherson

June 20, 2014

Marketing_Why_WGBHKaren Osborne conducted a webinar for PG Calc on Strategic Storytelling and its role in planned giving marketing in April. Some of you may have attended it, but for those who didn’t here’s something to consider. Citing inspiration from a Simon Sinek TED talk, she stated, “your ‘why’ story has to come before what you do and how you do it. What societal problems are you solving? What impact have past investments made? What do you envision going forward?”

It’s easier to tell the “why” story in person, but smart planned giving marketing messages should tell the “why” story as well. Your planned giving communications should include the following:

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5 Marketing Lessons Gift Planners Can Learn...from Infomercials

Posted by Ann McPherson

May 21, 2014

infomercials and gift planning
We know that nonprofits can learn from for-profits,
especially when it comes to marketing.
But infomercials? Really?

Click to see how
PG Calc can help
warm up your marketing
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An early thumbs up for PGM Anywhere planned giving software!

Posted by Bill Laskin

April 24, 2014

PGM_Anywhere_Web_Border_ShadowPGM Anywhere is the tablet-optimized, browser-based version of our Planned Giving Manager (PGM) planned giving software. It's out in limited beta release right now, and we are starting to get some early feedback. What are users saying?


Stephen R. Watt
Director of Gift Planning
University of North Carolina

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Wisconsin Changes Gift Annuity Regulation,
Highlights Planned Giving Compliance Issues

Posted by Edie Matulka

April 22, 2014

Edie_Matulka_PG_Calc_ConsultingLegislation making significant changes to Wisconsin’s gift annuity regulation was recently adopted when Wisconsin Act 271, Senate Bill 152 became effective April 18th, 2014. With its enactment, it is no longer necessary for charities to register with, or submit annual reports to, the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. However, organizations must still comply with certain requirements. The changes in Wisconsin serve as a reminder of the importance of planned giving compliance for fundraisers.(4/22/2014: A small update to Planned Giving Manager and Gift Annuity Manager will be released soon to accommodate clients that issue annuities (or are considering it) in Wisconsin. Email to learn more.)

REMINDER: If you are a current PGM client and have not received a link to the update reflecting changes to WI law, please contact Client Services (888-474-2252).

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