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The Revocation Clause

Posted by Jeffrey Frye on May 16, 2016

The life income gift arrangements that make up a significant portion of planned giving – charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds – are all irrevocable. In order to qualify for a charitable deduction and special tax treatment, these vehicles cannot allow any changes, and the donors cannot “take them back” in any way. There is, however, a provision that may be included in these legal arrangements which allows the donor to revoke the income interest of another person at some point in the future.

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Keeping Up With the Times

Posted by Ann McPherson on May 16, 2016



Last month's Marketing Corner discussed the importance of imagery when marketing your program. A reader responded with the following comment: "Here’s one of the all-time great pictures of a face. It’s the eyes."

“Steve McCurry’s iconic photograph of a young Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine’s June 1985 issue and became the most famous cover image in the magazine’s history, ” according to the National Geographic website. 

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The Key Ingredient to Email Marketing Success

Posted by Andrew Palmer on May 16, 2016

It’s no secret why marketers in the for-profit and non-profit worlds continue to invest in email. It can be your most cost-effective touch point with your target audience. And that audience is only growing. In 2015, there were more than 4.35 billion email accounts and nearly 2.6 billion email users worldwide. So does that mean it’s time to increase your email blasts? 

No, quite the opposite. It might just mean you need to send fewer.

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How Do You Measure Your Marketing Program's Success?

Posted by Ann McPherson on April 19, 2016


There's nothing like receiving a very large and unexpected bequest to grab leadership's attention. Such was the case about seven years ago, when a small regional university finally decided to formalize its planned giving program. Up to that point, the marketing of its planned giving program was inconsistent and the attention it received from development was sporadic. The realized bequest was the catalyst to pay more attention to this planned giving thing.

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A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

Posted by Bill Laskin on April 15, 2016


I was using Planned Giving Manager recently to check values in a table of gift annuity deductions. To my surprise, my results differed markedly from the values in the table.  Although I noticed that there was a small difference between the IRS discount rate I used (2.2%) and the one used in the table (1.8%), the difference in deductions was so great that I was worried that I had stumbled upon a bug. Not so. It turned out that the small difference in IRS discount rates was the whole story.

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