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Pooled Income Funds May Make a Comeback in 2015

Posted by Bill Laskin

December 17, 2014

kid-with-sword-121952-editedNext year may be an opportune time to promote gifts to a pooled income fund (PIF)!  That’s right. The planned giving vehicle that most charities have mothballed for the last 20 years may be poised for a comeback.  Why?  Read on.

In 2015, the charitable deduction for a gift to a pooled income fund less than three taxable years old will be the highest it has ever been. That is because the deduction for gifts to a “young” fund is based on an assumed valuation rate provided by the IRS, rather than a rate based on the fund’s own net income earning experience. This valuation rate will be just 1.2% in 2015, the lowest it has ever been, and that means that deductions for gifts to young PIFs in 2015 will be the highest they have ever been.

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Don't Forget Your Donors This Holiday Season

Posted by Melissa Roberts

December 3, 2014

Good donor stewardship is important the year round. For our planned giving donors, however, stewardship can be even more important during the holidays. At this time of year, the loss of family members and friends, or the fact that they live far away, is felt more keenly. Likewise, physical changes may keep older donors from enjoying their traditional celebratory activities. All of which means a remembrance from you and your organization will be especially appreciated.

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Who Wants to Talk about Death?

Posted by Ann McPherson

November 24, 2014

I came across a picture in a video about how technology is changing our lives. This particular snapshot of a church message board illustrated the unhealthy relationship we can have with technology.  The message encourages passers-by to honk if they love Jesus, and makes the point that texting while driving is a sure way to come face-to-face with Him. That said, I couldn’t help thinking that this message relates to our industry in a different manner. 

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The Power of Suggestion

Posted by Bill Laskin

October 31, 2014

PG Calc was thrilled to have Russell James, Professor of Personal Finance at Texas Tech University, as a recent guest presenter in our monthly Webinar series. During his August 28 session, Prof. James discussed fascinating results from his survey of over 5,000 subjects. The survey tested reactions to different descriptions of specific gift plans. His conclusion: The words we use to describe planned gifts and their benefits matter. In particular, “family” words, such as “make a gift,” triggered a more positive response from participants than formal words, such as “make a transfer of assets.” Prof. James buttressed his survey findings with theoretical research performed by him and others, showing that there is neurological, biochemical, and demographic evidence that corroborate his survey results.

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Are Your Email Campaigns Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Posted by Larry Kerstein

October 24, 2014

While many online marketers will insist that open rate is the most important factor in successful email campaigns, we contend that this is not necessarily the case, and that there is not a direct correlation between open rates and conversions. It’s complicated.

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