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Why It’s Time for PGM Desktop to Retire

By now you know about the upcoming retirement of Planned Giving Manager (PGM desktop) and the migration route to PGM Anywhere. This process has been seven years in the making, as we originally targeted PGM Anywhere to run basic calculations on tablets and have been expanding its functionality from year to year to eventually take the place of PGM desktop.

An early thumbs up for PGM Anywhere planned giving software!

An early thumbs up for PGM Anywhere planned giving software!

PGM Anywhere is the tablet-optimized, browser-based version of our Planned Giving Manager (PGM) planned giving software. It's out in limited beta release right now, and we are starting to get some early feedback. What are users saying? Stephen R. Watt Director of Gift Planning University of North Carolina

Worth A Thousand Words: Backing Up Your Planned Giving Manager Configuration File

In the September eRate newsletter, we included a helpful QuickTip about saving your customizations to Planned Giving Manager before switching to a new computer. We know that some of you computer wizards didn’t need the advice, but for others, even the written description of what to do might not be enough. So we created this little slideshow to show you the steps involved! We know this isn’t the kind of blog post you are used to seeing. Please share in the comments if you like it!