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Winston Jones
Author: Winston Jones

IRA Charitable Rollover for 2015 Experiences Turbulence

IRA Charitable Rollover for 2015 Experiences Turbulence

The word from Washington, DC is that tax reform has stalled in Congress until after the 2016 election. And what about the tax extenders, including the now-expired IRA charitable rollover? As of a couple of weeks ago, Congress appeared to be on a slow glide path to vote through a 1-year extension for 2015 in mid to late December. It is still possible that Congress might fear the ire of frustrated supporters and constituents during the 2016 election year enough to vote through a 2-year extension for 2015 and 2016. It is also possible the extension could stall out, and John Boehner leaving the pilot seat as House Speaker may factor into that.

Wait, Don’t Trash Your Old PC Just Yet!

It’s great to get a new machine. But don’t let IT haul off your old machine just yet. If you are a Planned Giving Manager (PGM) user, there are a few things you will very much want to get copied off your old machine before it goes into the trash. This also applies when your machine is refurbished or rebuilt, such as when reformatting and reinstalling Windows or getting a new hard drive. Once your IT department wipes the hard disk from the old machine, you can be out of luck on getting your old PGM data back, especially if you don’t have good backups. While we can send a download link to install a fresh copy of PGM on your new machine, here are the categories of files that you may want to copy over to your new machine from your old machine: pgmw32.dat configuration file with all your Customize menu settings. Copying this file means you don’t have to remember and reenter all your Customize settings for your organization information, etc. Sometimes you can get lucky if a second user at your organization also has PGM so you can copy their configuration file to your new machine. pgm.inp optional startup defaults file (if it exists). If you use the File menu option to change the startup defaults that come up when you start a new input case (many people don’t), copying this file means you don’t have to remember and reenter your changes. .nar files created for custom narratives (if any). We can usually send copies if we created these for you and you haven’t edited them yourself. .gar files created by PG Calc for custom gift annuity rate tables (if any). We keep copies and can resend them to you. .bmp files for custom logos. These are saved in the icons subfolder and are often created by the client in which case we would not have copies to resend. .inp files saved on the local computer. You can lose your saved donor cases permanently if the only copies are on your old machine and you have no backups. .doc files created by editing in Word. You may want to copy these if you made edits or didn’t also save an .inp file for the case. .xls files creating by transferring to Excel. You may want to copy these if you made edits or didn’t also save the .inp file for the case. Other files. If you’ve saved other donor files with your PGM files on your machine, such as transmittal letters, you may want to copy them as well.

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