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The Marketing Funnel – An Effective Means to Increase Legacy Society Participation

There is a harsh reality when it comes to raising funds from bequests: Very, very few of a charity’s supporters will leave a bequest to the organization. This includes loyal annual fund donors, donors with the greatest capacity, committed volunteers, and even board members. Most will just not do it! What is a gift officer to do who has metrics to meet for new legacy society participation? The answer is to be cultivating “the right donors.” And just how does a gift officer determine who are “the right donors?”

Responding to a Bequest Notification

How you respond to a family member’s or advisor’s notice informing you about an estate gift indicates to them the importance your nonprofit attaches to such gifts and their overall management. Respond promptly and provide any requested information. Take advantage of this opportunity to tell advisors of the services your nonprofit can provide to future clients, such as providing sample bequest language and preparing illustrations for life income gifts.