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Tina Yelle
Author: Tina Yelle

Reporting the Unrecovered Investment in Contract – an Act of Stewardship

Reporting the Unrecovered Investment in Contract – an Act of Stewardship

A donor’s investment in contract in a gift annuity equals the present value of the annuity payments received by the donor over his or her lifetime. A donor’s unrecovered investment in contract equals the total amount of tax-free payments that he or she would have received had he or she lived to reach life expectancy, minus the total amount of tax-free payments the donor actually received while alive. Capital gain income is not considered when computing an annuitant's unrecovered investment in contract.

Worth A Thousand Words: Backing Up Your Planned Giving Manager Configuration File

In the September eRate newsletter, we included a helpful QuickTip about saving your customizations to Planned Giving Manager before switching to a new computer. We know that some of you computer wizards didn’t need the advice, but for others, even the written description of what to do might not be enough. So we created this little slideshow to show you the steps involved! We know this isn’t the kind of blog post you are used to seeing. Please share in the comments if you like it!

Charitable Gift Annuities for Domestic Help

When we think of income beneficiaries for charitable gift annuities, most of us picture a donor or a donor and his or her spouse, and these are indeed the most common cases. Yet the donor can name anyone who meets the issuing organization’s minimum age requirement as the income beneficiary. Gift annuities can offer an opportunity for kind-hearted individuals to care for others who need additional cash flow by providing a secure source of payments.