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Year-End Reminder - What a Difference a Day Makes

Year-End Reminder - What a Difference a Day Makes

What prompts the flurry of calendar year-end gifts?  That all important – to many of your donors – current year charitable deduction.  A day late, a gift made on January 1st rather than December 31st, and the deduction is “lost” for a year.  Of course, a day can make a difference throughout the year, by changing what discount rate is used for calculating the deduction or in determining the amount of a first gift annuity payment. But it is of particular significance at year-end.

Downward Pressure on Deductions: IRS Discount Rate Hits All-Time Low

October’s IRS Discount Rate of 1.4% will be the lowest rate ever, putting further downward pressure on charitable deductions for gift annuity and charitable remainder annuity trust gifts. At 1.4%, an annuitant must be at least 59 for a gift annuity to be able to pay the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) suggested maximum rate.