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Is This a Good Time for Gift Annuities?

Posted by Ann McPherson on August 16, 2016

Given unprecedented low interest rates, which shows no signs of material change, we have been asked a common question from our clients, “Should I continue to promote gift annuities?” There appears to be some skepticism and nervousness in the industry on whether it’s a good strategy to continue to market these gifts now because annuity rates are low and donors aren’t interested, and rightly so. With a few exceptions, and those are from organizations who don’t follow the ACGA rates, most charities are experiencing a decline in gifts this year and at best it’s flat compared to last year.   

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Extremely Low IRS Discount Rate Creates Opportunities and Challenges

Posted by Bill Laskin on August 15, 2016

The monthly IRS discount rate dipped to 1.4% for August and has stayed there for September. Although this rate has been at historically low levels since 2008, it hasn’t been this low in over three years. The extremely low IRS discount rate creates opportunities and challenges.

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Projecting Future Income From Bequest Expectancies

Posted by Michael Valoris on July 15, 2016

The significance of bequest commitments and the dollars they will ultimately bring to charitable organizations are often ignored or underutilized in financial planning.  Yet, bequests are the largest source of planned gift income for most charities with planned giving programs (and in fact are often a large source of income for charities that don’t think they have a planned giving program). A simple analysis of your bequest expectancies can translate donors’ commitments into projected future income streams. This is valuable information for your board and other leadership and should foster a greater appreciation for the role of bequest commitments and the planned giving staff who obtain and track them.

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Transforming Life Income Gifts into Current Gifts

Posted by Jeff Lydenberg on July 15, 2016

Life income gifts are always deferred gifts.  The arrangement is made now, but the charity’s use of the funds is delayed until a future date, normally the death of the donor and any other individual beneficiary of the gift arrangement.

Unfortunately, the donor of a life income gift usually does not get to see the gift in action, and the charity is unable to address pressing current needs.  Converting a life income gift to a present gift can be both emotionally satisfying to the donor and immensely beneficial to the charity.

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The Simplest Way to Improve Conversions

Posted by Andrew Palmer on July 15, 2016

If you were a marketer selling widgets online, part of your job would be to steer potential customers to easy-to-find order buttons that lead to an order form. Each button clicked by a visitor would be a measurable conversion.

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