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The Year of Life Income Gifts

Posted by Ann McPherson on November 17, 2016

Next year is going to be the year of life income gifts, or actually, it will probably be the next four years.
When I read a recent New York Times headline, Plans for Uncertain Times: What do you still control?, I thought they had received a gift annuity mailing! It’s clear that this is a message that will be relevant for a long time.

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Economic Plans of the Presidential Candidates

Posted by Jeff Lydenberg on October 31, 2016

It may seem like it will never end, but the Presidential campaign will soon be over.  (Let us please not have a recount like Florida in 2000!)  Polls are suggesting a presumptive winner.  Nonetheless, the number of undecided voters are at record levels, which introduces unprecedented uncertainty into the election.  With that caution in mind, let us compare what we know about the economic priorities of the two candidates with particular emphasis on how their plans would influence charitable giving. 

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Another Touch Point

Posted by Ann McPherson on October 19, 2016


This past summer, PG Calc wrote a blog post entitled “Transforming Life Income Gifts into Current Gifts.” The post was informative and thoughtful, but there was a golden nugget touched upon in the post that should be emphasized.

Most of us know that our best donors are our current donors, and that is true for donors of gift annuities as well. Organizations’ gift annuity programs receive anywhere from 30% - 60% of their new gift annuity contracts from existing annuitants. Most charities market to their existing annuitants on a regular basis, with mailings or personalized calculations to illustrate the financial benefits of a gift annuity.

However, sometimes stewardship can be the most effective strategy for securing an additional gift, or to increase a bequest gift to your organization.

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Why Print Will Never Die

Posted by Ann McPherson on September 16, 2016

While the summer days are behind us, vacation has provided an opportunity to let go and enjoy ourselves in different ways. For many, it has meant spending time elsewhere with family and friends - the kind of experience where you want to capture the moments. And that we do.

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When Only a CRAT Will Do

Posted by Jeff Lydenberg on September 15, 2016

The charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) is far more popular than the charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT).  Annuity trusts make up only about 15% of all charitable remainder trusts in existence.  Nonetheless, there are donor situations where the CRAT can be an attractive option.  Although we usually think of the gift annuity when a donor desires fixed payments, here is a list of situations where the CRAT beats the gift annuity:

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