Marketing Your Gift Annuity Program

Questions about gift annuity marketingWithout a doubt, one of the questions our consulting clients have asked us most often the past couple of years has been, “How can I improve the results of my gift annuity program?”

There has been much discussion in the planned giving community on this topic. Professor Russell James’s recent research has added greatly to the discourse by highlighting the importance of word choice and phrasing in planned giving marketing messages. It’s exciting to have his academic research available to help us shape how we spread the word about planned giving.

And yet, while the economy is doing well, our clients find that many of their prospects are still reluctant to part with their money, even when a gift annuity makes good sense for them. Some of our clients have reached the point where they find it difficult to justify marketing their gift annuity program because of the lack of response.

This month, we would like to broaden our perspective by asking our readers about their experience with gift annuity prospects and how they market their gift annuity program. In the next week, we’ll be sending out a brief poll, the results of which we will share in next month’s Marketing Corner. So stay tuned and let us know what you think!