Deja Vu

phone_220x220_purplize.jpgSometimes an idea is so good, it’s worth reminding our readers. A few weeks ago, Greg Warner of MarketSmart published a blog post related to internal telemarketing programs. For those of you who didn’t read it, the post is short and worth your time. For those of you who did read it, did you add this to your list of marketing ideas?

We have worked with several organizations who have either implemented a telemarketing program, or are considering one. Part of the problem is that hiring an outside telemarketing firm for this requires money, which can be substantial, depending upon the length and scope of the program.

This article shares ideas on how to conduct an internal calling program. There are, as you may know, several downsides to those who don’t follow the “don’t try this at home” rubric. The most notable one is that donors may say they are interested at the time, but follow up by a gift officer proves otherwise. Having an expert who is able to identify qualified donor prospects is part of what you pay for. That said, I would still recommend this marketing tactic only if the outcome and process are thoughtfully executed and here’s why: it’s a low cost way to not only steward your donors, but to identify possible planned giving leads.

How to discover planned gifts using interns because you can't afford a telemarketing firm.