Visiting a Donor? Don’t Forget YourTablet!

As you may be aware, PG Calc has developed a web-based app for illustrating planned gifts called PGM Anywhere. One of the driving forces behind the development of PGM Anywhere has been the desire of many of our clients to run planned gift illustrations on their tablet, such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

Our initial presumption about why clients wanted to be able to produce planned gift illustrations on their tablet was convenience for the gift planner. We figured that they simply prefer to travel with a tablet in place of a bulkier laptop. While that is true, there is another reason that was less obvious to us.

Over time, we have heard again and again from gift planners that, unlike with a laptop, donors are very receptive to looking at information presented on a tablet. There’s something about the lack of a keyboard and notepad-like dimensions that donors find inviting, in contrast to even small and thin laptops, which donors tend to find intrusive and off-putting. Our clients tell us that pulling out a tablet to convey a message advances the conversation, whereas pulling out a laptop to do the same thing can just get in the way.

In addition to using your tablet to show a planned gift prospect “what if” gift illustrations, it is also a great tool for showing inspirational videos of the great work being done at your organization, plans for capital projects, testimonials from donors, and just about any other information you want to share.

So, consider all the ways you can use your tablet to tell a compelling story about why your prospects should support your organization and their options for doing so. Once you have your tablet set up to deliver this story, bring it with you to donor meetings and use it. You may be pleasantly surprised by how well they respond to the story your tablet helps you tell!

PGM clients, want to start creating gift proposals on on your tablet? Sign up to get PGM Anywhere.

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