PG Calc Acquires Hemmenway & Reinhardt

On November 15, 2018, PG Calc acquired Hemmenway & Reinhardt, a planned gift administration services company located in Swarthmore, PA.  Founded in 1987, Hemmenway & Reinhardt administers gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds for charities throughout the U.S.  Hemmenway & Reinhardt also assists charities with their annual state gift annuity filings.

This acquisition reflects the high degree of synergy between these two organizations, to the benefit of both current and future clients.  PG Calc and Hemmenway & Reinhardt have been in the gift administration business for decades, taking similar paths to achieve excellence in gift administration.  Both PG Calc and Hemmenway & Reinhardt make it a practice of allowing charities to choose the asset management solution that best meets their needs, while providing these charities with highly reliable and expert gift administration services. This arrangement enables charities to obtain outstanding support for their planned giving programs, greatly increasing the likelihood of program success.  In addition, both companies have worked directly with investment professionals and financial institutions who seek experienced, reliable vendors to whom they can out-source gift administration.

As noted, Hemmenway & Reinhardt’s business model fits perfectly with work PG Calc has been doing for over 20 years. Like us, Hemmenway & Reinhardt has been:

  • Issuing beneficiary payments by check or EFT
  • Producing tax forms for annuitants and income beneficiaries
  • Preparing charitable trust tax returns
  • Determining gift annuity reserve requirements
  • Calculating each gift's market value
  • Allocating income to pooled income fund participants
  • Processing new gifts and beneficiary deaths
  • Providing summary reports to clients

More recently, we began assisting clients with their annual state gift annuity filings. We are pleased to add Hemmenway & Reinhardt’s work in this area to our gift administration line of business.

We welcome Hemmenway & Reinhardt’s clients to PG Calc, and look forward to providing them with the stellar service we provide to all of our gift administration clients.  And just as importantly, we welcome Julia Boerth, Stuart Salsbury, and Fiurio Forestieri as new employees of PG Calc.

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