A Conservation Organization's Donor Story

In client service, I have the pleasure of talking with many of our clients every day. Every now and then I hear a story so inspiring that I am compelled to share it.

Recently, I was talking to a client at a conservation organization. They had organized a scavenger hunt, where each participant would visit 12 of the organization's preserves. At each site, the participant needed to collect a clue after walking through it. The goal was to put together all of the clues at the end of all 12 visits to solve a word puzzle.

A Conservation Organization's Success StoryThe challenge was well-received and helped to reconnect participants with the organization’s mission – reminding all who took part of the beauty of the land and the importance of conserving it. They were also able to cultivate a special bond with the participants who would become prospective donors.

An outcome they didn’t expect was that an older couple, who had given small, steady gifts to the organization, decided to establish a well-funded gift annuity after finishing the scavenger hunt and collecting their prize! They reported that they felt moved by the beauty of the land and awed by the land stewardship work and made the decision to make a more significant and lasting gift.

I am impressed by the focus that this organization put on the mission when creating this event, thereby helping the participants to connect more deeply with it.

 Nice job!

 Please consider telling us your success stories so that we can enjoy and share them!