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The Power of Suggestion

Posted by Bill Laskin on October 31, 2014

PG Calc was thrilled to have Russell James, Professor of Personal Finance at Texas Tech University, as a recent guest presenter in our monthly Webinar series. During his August 28 session, Prof. James discussed fascinating results from his survey of over 5,000 subjects. The survey tested reactions to different descriptions of specific gift plans. His conclusion: The words we use to describe planned gifts and their benefits matter. In particular, “family” words, such as “make a gift,” triggered a more positive response from participants than formal words, such as “make a transfer of assets.” Prof. James buttressed his survey findings with theoretical research performed by him and others, showing that there is neurological, biochemical, and demographic evidence that corroborate his survey results.

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Meeting the Challenge of Qualifying Planned Giving Prospects

Posted by Jeff Lydenberg on February 24, 2012

Yesterday I presented a Webinar on the topic: Meeting the Challenge of Qualifying Planned Giving Prospects.

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