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PG Calc's Gary Pforzheimer "Ignites" Crowd at NCPP

Posted by Gary Pforzheimer on November 15, 2013

Lights! Camera! Action!

I got to have more fun than usual at this year's National Conference for Philanthropic Planning (NCPP). The organizers offered something a little different for attendees on Thursday morning. It was a session that provided content, but in a style that broke from the standard speeches, breakout sessions and networking. I was one of the brave volunteers who presented? performed? in what is called the "Ignite" format (similar to Ted talks).

Each talk was five minutes long, accompanied by exactly 20 slides displayed for exactly 15 seconds each. The format is designed to generate enthusiasm in presenter and audience alike, and the session drew a banner crowd. I chose to cover the entire 30-odd year history of modern planned giving in five minutes. No biggie, right? I'm happy to report I made it through without getting too far ahead of or behind on my slide count. The other presentations were great, too. I look forward to seeing the Ignite session next year!


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Connecting with Planned Giving Donors and Prospects: Content Strategy

Posted by Allison Snow on March 28, 2013

Our partners at HubSpot, a Cambridge-based inbound marketing firm, regularly publish remarkable content on their blog at

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